Process Chamber Technology

The Aurora PECVD® process chamber is equipped with OLT Solar’s proprietary Enhanced Linear Hollow-Cathode (ELH) showerhead, and is a capacitively coupled, parallel plate, direct plasma deposition reactor. The ELH showerhead delivers high deposition rates maximizing process efficiency, and a high ion density plasma providing excellent bulk and surface passivation.

The proprietary tray-less material handling enables improved process uniformity and repeatability by removing the carrier from the processing environment, eliminating the process variability caused by multiple carriers. This method also eliminates boat and carrier defects on the wafer surface and improves color uniformity as wafers lay horizontally on electrode surface.

The Aurora PECVD®'s compact design and high process chamber utilization, combined with in-situ plasma chamber clean and the ability to deposit traditional PECVD films, such as SiNx, SiOx, SiON, a-Si, doped films, etc., independently or sequentially. This allows customers the ability to increase productivity and reduce cost of ownership in the manufacturing environment, and also to support research and development of new devices.